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11 Oct.

Asthanga Weekend Workshops with Petri Räisänen

2019 10 11 @ 6:00 - 2019 10 13 @ 16:00


Friday 11.10.2019

6-9 Mysore at Maistr. 45
18-20, Karl-Theodor-str. 48 Workshop opening (chanting) and introduction to Ashtanga Yoga tradition and goals. Light pranayama and meditation.

Saturday 12.10.2019

6-9 Mysore at Maistr. 45
13-16 at Maistr. 45
“The Vinyasa technique and Asana tips for the Primary and Intermediate series”.

Ashtanga yoga is a clear system which shows how to enter into, and exit from, the state of the asana. The Primary series is built on five different vinyasa types which are also the base for the Intermediate and Advanced sequences. Forward bends, twists, back bends, poses where we lie on the back and inverted (viparita karani) asanas all have their own vinyasa types. This information will provide clarity and peace in your Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Some people claim that the Ashtanga Yoga Guru, Pattabhi Jois, didn’t care about asana alignments or didn’t correct people’s ”wrong” poses. During my time with Pattabhi Jois and the book writing process, I found that it was not that he didn’t care, but it was about his way of seeing the students’ needs. He expected the students to show interest in the alignments and ask questions as they arose. If students were not actively interested, they would not receive the information. To be in Mysore, India, and practice with him alone didn’t always give the answers. I asked many questions and got just as many answers. We will go through these answers during this workshop.

Sunday 13.10.2019

6-9 Mysore at Maistr. 45
13-16 at Maistr. 45
“Yoga Therapy – The healing touch workshop” techniques to understand the asana alignments, anatomy and psychology of the yoga student. How to create a safe and healing environment to the yoga shala. Theory and practice.

This additional workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in how the body, mind and energy are used when healing other people by touch or giving hands-on adjustments in the yoga poses. We focus on observing and learning the language of the body, mind and energy. The techniques are based on sensing and locating the blocks in the flow of energy throughout the body. Students do not need any previous experience or special skills to join in the workshop.

Petri Räisänen


Early Bird 185 €
Price after August 30th 200 €

Early Bird 90 €
Price after August 30th 100 €

Early Bird 95 €
Price after August 30th 105 €

DROP-IN (only if available)
Friday Conference 20 €
Mysore 20 €
Single Workshop (Sat or Sun) 48 €

Your place in workshop is secured with full payment only!
All package fees include non-refundable 30 € registration. Cancellation up to 1 month in advance with refund excluding the registration fee.


Event Details

Date: 2019 10 11 @ 6:00 - 2019 10 13 @ 16:00
Time: 6:00 - 16:00
Venue: The Studio
Address: Hohenzollernstr. 10