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14 Sep.

Six days of Ashtanga Yoga with Certified Teacher Philippa Asher

2021/09/14 @ 6:00 - 2021/09/19 @ 16:30
Five days of Mysore style
Ashtanga Guided Self-Practice
Tuesday 14.9. – Saturday 18.9.
2 groups of max. 12 students
Primary to Advanced B Series Ashtanga yoga practitioners welcome.
Group 1: Tuesday-Friday 6-8 am, Saturday 8-10 am
Group 2: Tuesday-Friday 8-10 am, Saturday 10am-12pm
A chance to work closely and in a small group, with one of the few KPJAYI Certified Ashtanga yoga teachers, who has learned the Primary, Intermediate, Advanced A and B Series directly from Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath. Following the traditional ‘guided self-practice’ method of learning/practising Ashtanga asana (where one posture is mastered by the practitioner with perfect synchronisation of tristhana, steadiness, ease, joy and safe physical/energetic alignment, before learning the next), you will have the opportunity to deepen and develop your asana technique and practice, whilst being guided through methods of approaching the more challenging postures.
Friday 17.9. afternoon
Technique, Concepts, Q&A, Exploring Challenging Asanas
In order to be grounded and steady in the asana practice and to encourage safe physical alignment, we need to learn how to connect with the floor and indeed our bodies. There are several key aspects in the Ashtanga asana system, which when understood and felt in the body, mind and breath, can make the impossible become possible. Through mastering and synchronising tristhana, vinyasa and safe postural alignment in our practise, we can develop tools which will invite the more challenging asanas to reveal themselves, enabling us to feel the state of yoga. As well as refining technique, alignment and concepts of the method, practitioners will be encouraged to ask questions and to deepen their understanding of the Ashtanga asana system, so that more challenging asanas might become possible.
Saturday 18.9. afternoon
Body Opening, Backbends & Finishing Sequence
The Ashtanga asana method gives us the opportunity to make space in the mind, physical body, breath and energetic body, so that optimum health, openness, strength, steadiness and balance may be cultivated and enjoyed. With openness, prana can move freely around the physical and energetic bodies. Firstly we will explore how to make space in the body, so that challenging asanas that require extreme levels of flexibility, may become achievable. Having lengthened the spine and hip flexors, strengthened the legs and arms and opened the shoulders and chest, we will then delve into mastering backbends which not only stimulate the nervous system, but revitalise our energy levels and can make us feel exhilarated. Having stimulated the nervous system and revitalised our energy levels, our focus will move to inversions, which increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain and boost the lymphatic system. The seated closing asanas guide us into a deep, calm state of concentration and slow breathing, so that we may attain the higher levels of Raja yoga through strengthening, opening and quietening the body and mind.
Sunday 19.9. morning
Sanskrit-Counted Primary Series, Pranayama
In the traditional Ashtanga asana method, the week culminates with a Sanskrit-Counted Led Primary Series class, where all practitioners follow the exact count of the teacher, move and breathe together and are adjusted when necessary. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the Sanskrit asana names, the precise vinyasa counts and iron out any uncertainties within the asana practice. The Led Primary Series class begins with chanting a few lines from the Yoga Taravali and Patañjali Invocation and ends with reciting the first verse of the Mangala Mantra. After the asana practice, pranayama techniques such as rechaka, puruaka, kumbhaka and nadi shodhana will be explored, culminating in dhyana (meditation).
Sunday 19.9. afternoon
Philosophy, History, Q&A
The Patañjalayogaśāstra describes yoga, how to achieve the state of yoga, qualities that might be gained from mastery of the practice and the power of liberation. Whilst the Sutras offer pithy statements about the discipline of yoga and the Eight Limbs (ashta anga) which can lead us there, it is when we unpack their wisdom (allowing them to resonate with our lives today, 2000 years later, in a culture very different from where they were composed), that we can bring to light their significance and relevance. We will discuss broad philosophical aspects of yoga, how they relate to our daily practice and lives today, the evolution of the hatha yoga and of course questions/thoughts about the practise of Ashtanga yoga can be discussed.
350,-€ (Includes 30 € non-refundable registration fee. Refunds, excluding registration fee in case of student cancellation until 3.8.2021. Schedule changes due to unforeseen circumstances are possible.)
Registration and payment details: info@ashtangaspiritmunich.com

Event Details

Date: 2021/09/14 @ 6:00 - 2021/09/19 @ 16:30
Time: 6:00 - 16:30
Venue: The Studio Lehel
Address: Robert-Koch-Str. 13
Organizer Name: Ashtanga Spirit Munich